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1Introduction Empty Introduction on Sat Dec 28, 2013 4:33 pm

Welcome, INUCA members!

This post is simply to get you started. I will outline the duties, authorities, and vote percentages (as of the first INUCA).

I will start with the authority the INUCA has. The INUCA has the ability to pass/repeal any law that pertains to regional affairs; it can also amend the regional constitution (when we have one) and override vetoes by the Supreme Council. As decided by an earlier referendum, ordinary regional referenda cannot repeal INUCA legislation or pass new laws; only another INUCA has the ability to do so. This means that if you want to stay in office for more than one term, be sure that you pass benevolent and justified laws so that you'll have popular support in the next election.

Now I'll move on to duties. There aren't necessarily any strict duties that the INUCA is bound to; however, you will be expected to produce good ideas with frequency. An inactive legislature is never a good quality for a government. As a result, if you have an idea, don't hesitate to post it.

Next, the vote percentages. There are only three categories of proposals for the INUCA: first, to pass/repeal laws, second, to amend the regional constitution, and third, to override a SC veto. To pass or repeal a law, a 55% majority in favor is required. To amend the constitution, a 75% majority in favor is required. To override a veto, an 85% majority in favor is required.

Now I will briefly cover operations. If you have an idea for a proposal, then you will need to post a new topic here in the INUCA part of the forum. Its title (the title of the topic, not the proposal) needs to pertain to your idea. It must be typed in the following format:
1. A title (INUCA Proposal #_)
2. Some sort of introduction, with a brief summary of the intended change.
3. A list of arguments for the change.
4. A detailed list of what the proposal will change (essentially, how things will work with the change implemented).

After some discussion, either the author of the proposal OR the INUCA chairman can decide when to begin the vote. The vote length will be designated by the INUCA chairman, but must be between 1 day and 1 week. After the vote is complete, the INUCA chairman must post the vote results on that proposal's topic. If the proposal passed, the INUCA chairman must then telegram the proposal and the vote results to the Supreme Council members, who will then vote to pass or veto the bill. If the SC vetoes the proposal, the author of the proposal may propose a vote to override the veto; if the veto is overridden, the proposal automatically goes into effect.

Before you begin making proposals or anything of the sort, you need to work together to select an INUCA chairman. The INUCA chairman can be decided on in any way amongst the INUCA members; however, until he/she is selected, the INUCA will not be able to vote on any proposals.

That will be all the primary information needed to get you started; remember that you can propose almost anything that pertains to regional affairs. Keep in mind that if you aren't wary of popular support outside the INUCA, you could quickly be removed from office. As a result, you want to make sure that your proposals are well-supported or easily arguable.

Without further to do, INUCA operations may begin! Good luck to all of you. You are the center of the regional government, so work hard.


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