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List of Foxfyre Islands Industries and Goods

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1List of Foxfyre Islands Industries and Goods Empty List of Foxfyre Islands Industries and Goods on Thu May 08, 2014 2:12 pm

Main Islands:
Book Publishing (over 100 plus throughout the islands, this is our #1 industry)

Information Technologies (5 Biggest Retailers)
- Foxfyre Islands Agency for Assigned Names and Numbers (Internet Provider)
- Kitsune Computing (Supercomputing and Processing service)
- Wolfsbane Technologies (Computers, Phones, Routers etc)
- Magi Computing and Telecoms (Moble computers, phones, tablets and various related and compatable devices)
- Forest City Geeks Inc (hard drives and nano processors)

Ship Construction (being an Island Nation our Navy is our main line of defense)
- Terra Novae Ship Builders (Largest Ship Yard)
- Kitsune Advanced Ship Design (Largest R&D)
- Wolfstown Fleet Yards (Second Largest Ship Yards)
- Bay of the Elements Small Craft LTD. (Largest small and patrol craft builder)


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