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INUCA Protocol Act

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1INUCA Protocol Act Empty INUCA Protocol Act on Sun May 18, 2014 11:51 pm

INUCA Protocol Act

Category: Law

Because proposals actively discussed in the INUCA and passed to the region may be written in irregular or disorganized format, legislative decisions may not be clearly defined, and the process of getting executive approval may become inefficient. To correct this problem, a uniform procedure for passing legislative decisions and sending them to the Supreme Council and/or the region will be implemented to make the process more efficient and reliable.

--A consistent system will allow legislation to be routinely decided on and passed to the Supreme Council and the region without delays.
--Uniform format for proposals will decrease the possibility of ambiguous or confusing content within a decision, allowing it to be better interpreted and enforced.
--An organized format allows for a clear presentation of the advantages of a particular idea, aiding legislators and Councilors in their decisions on proposals.

Every proposal in the INUCA must be written in the following format before the legislature votes on it:
--An appropriate title relevant to the subject
--A category (law, repeal, or amendment)
--An introduction of the topic
--A list of arguments
--The provisions of the proposal; what it will change
--How the changes will be enforced or implemented
The following system will be used to decide on legislation:
--A proposal is to be posted by an INUCA member in the designated INUCA area of the regional forum.
--Once the proposal is posted, the official discussion period of the proposal begins. A minimum 1-day discussion period must have elapsed before the proposal can be voted on; after a maximum 10-day discussion period, the proposal must either be called to a vote by the Chairman or will be officially dismissed.
--Before the legislative vote begins, the proposal must be in the required format.
--The INUCA Chairman can call a proposal to a legislative vote once the appropriate length of discussion has elapsed and the format is correct. The legislative voting period can last a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 3 days, but can be any amount of time between them. To call a proposal to a vote, the Chairman must post on that proposal's forum topic and specify the beginning and ending times for the vote.
--All INUCA votes must be publicly posted on the forum topic of the proposal at vote. Votes that are not posted or that are posted before or after the voting period are not counted.
--The INUCA Chairman will assess the results of the vote and determine whether the proposal has passed or not. The Chairman is to telegram these results to the Supreme Council only if the bill has passed; the Chairman must post the results, whether pass or fail, on the Regional Message Board.

The following procedures will be taken to ensure enforcement of the standardized format:
--The Supreme Council is permitted to send a legislative bill back to the INUCA without voting on it if the bill is not in proper format or if the category of the bill is not correct. All three Councilors must agree to do so before it can be sent back.
The following procedures will be taken to ensure enforcement of the legislation system:
--If a rule has been violated regarding the discussion and voting process for a proposal in the INUCA, the author of the proposal is permitted to ask the Supreme Council to conduct a vote over the proposal. If the Supreme Council agrees to intervene, the Supreme Council Executive will direct the INUCA vote over the proposal rather than the INUCA Chairman.

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I vote for.

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For this, I vote for.

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