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Discussion of Rules

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26Discussion of Rules - Page 2 Empty Re: Discussion of Rules on Wed Oct 09, 2013 11:01 pm

Since nobody has produced any further ideas, we are now god to go for everyone to found their own political parties!! If you would like to found a party, please follow these directions:

--Go under the forum "Political Parties" (you are already there anyway).
--Create a new topic with the same name as your new political party.
--Write the description/first post; it should include something along the lines of "post here if you'd like to join" or, if your process is different, all necessary information for people to successfully join your political party.
--I would recommend that when you gain enough members, you begin working out a system to choose nominees and leaders so your party is prepared for elections.

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27Discussion of Rules - Page 2 Empty Re: Discussion of Rules on Wed Jan 15, 2014 4:40 am

UK Britain-Prussia wrote:That's fair enough. I agree with everything you have proposed, and to be honest I can't really see any amendments to them.

Shall we open a new forum section for political parties to be created? Each party can have its own thread, where it'll post its constitution, manifesto, and its members can discuss the party and its direction/aims. That sort of thing.

Makes sense to me. this will help ensure that each party's legitimate.

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