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Sports/Roleplay Act

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1Sports/Roleplay Act Empty Sports/Roleplay Act on Sun May 18, 2014 11:54 pm

INUCA Sports/Roleplay Act

Category: Law

The INU football tournament was a rousing success. It resulted in a massive increase to RMB activity, and brought the many nations of this region closer together. Sports are an event that clearly increase regional productivity. As such, it’s only natural to believe that we should delve deeper into the prospect of tournaments, and increase our production of these events drastically. Furthermore, we have an active community of ardent role-players who are dedicated to that pursuit. That being said, it is too easy to forget that we indeed have a vibrant roleplaying community due to the lack of advocacy in the In order to ensure the consistent activity of role-play sites.

Sports(especially tournaments) have proven themselves to be a valuable stimulator for activity.
While our sports league is well-made as is, there is strong potential to make it a focal point of our region.
Boosting Sports will make our region multi-dimensional, and as such, will attract new regions to join the INU.

-A whole new(albeit small) department will be created, known as the Department of Recreation, to oversee the progress of tournaments and ensure a steady stream of roleplaying nations.
The Department will consist of the following:
-Chairman of Recreation: Possesses all-encompassing powers in the department. Has the ability to fire subordinates after petitioning to the Supreme Court. In charge of making monthly inspections to each sub-division to ensure activity is present. Next in line after the Administrator of Sports to commission any Sports League, provided there is a void at the position or a recent firing. Can be impeached by a majority Supreme Council or INUCA vote.
- Administer of Roleplaying: Holds administration powers over the roleplaying forum. In charge of preventing one nation from overpowering themselves during the creation process or give themselves an unfair advantage. Upholds the rules of the roleplay, and has the power to eject nations believed to be rude or detrimental to the simulation. His actions however, can be overridden by the Chairman of Recreation.
- Roleplay Committee: A set of 3-5 nations who ensure constant activity, and brainstorm new role-play ideas on the forums. The Committee will be expected to be rather active, and make attempts to recruit fellow INU nations into the world of roleplay.
-Administrator of Sports: Responsible for maintaining all sports leagues. Should a commissioner become inactive, the Administrator automatically fills in for the position. In charge of ensuring that the sports results are published in a timely manner.  Has the power to fire commissioners and Newsmen alike should they be inactive or disruptive. Actions can be overridden by the Chairman of Recreation.
-Commissioner Committee: One commissioner per sport. In charge of managing their respective sports leagues, updating the INU with the latest scores, and organizing their sport’s tournaments. A Commissioner is also allowed to hold loose administration upon their league, and is welcomed to provide sports analysis and give their personal take on their league’s events. Expected to report special events and occurrences in their sport.
-Newsman Committee: 1-10 nations who are responsible for making news articles on a given sport. Expected to provide both news and RMB analysis on a single or multiple ongoing sports, and help invent a “sports role-play”. Encouraged to invent players for each team and provide ongoing stories throughout the league about them and their teams(provided that they are based off the actual games).  Generally expected to be active.

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2Sports/Roleplay Act Empty Re: Sports/Roleplay Act on Mon May 19, 2014 12:51 pm

I vote against.

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3Sports/Roleplay Act Empty Re: Sports/Roleplay Act on Mon May 19, 2014 6:41 pm

I vote for this.

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4Sports/Roleplay Act Empty Re: Sports/Roleplay Act on Tue May 20, 2014 4:37 pm

i vote for

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