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Roleplay Expancion Act

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1Roleplay Expancion Act Empty Roleplay Expancion Act on Mon May 26, 2014 1:14 pm

Category: Law


One of the most important features of a region is the sense of community and regional culture. In order to cultivate that unique regional community, special entertainment and activities must be provided by the region. Perhaps the most useful activity is roleplay, as it allows nations to get to know others in the region, make friends and rivals, and forge a tangible relationship with the population and a loyal bond with the region itself, alongside increasing activity of the nations who participate. To help foster an active roleplay community, a special commission can be formed to organized regular regional events in which everyone will have a chance to enjoy themselves in roleplay. To prevent efforts from becoming superfluous or impossible for the region to fulfill, the current Sports/Roleplay Act must be repealed to allow for more constant and minor additions to roleplay that coincide with population growth.


--The Sports/Roleplay Act calls for anywhere between 8 and 20 new government positions, a number that is impossible to fill given the INU's currently modest population size.

--Rather than rapidly create a large variety of virtually useless government offices, smaller additions to roleplay and regional entertainment can be made as the regional population grows to fill them.

--Roleplay is difficult to keep active without constant regulation and management by nations devoted specifically to that job.

--Roleplay events are difficult for single nations to organize without help or a consistent procedure.

--Maintaining regular roleplay events will allow nations to have much more fun within the region, while providing them with opportunities to get to know other nations in the region.

--Roleplay events can help create a complex sense of community and relationships between everyone in the region, fostering a dynamic and active regional population.


The currently active Sports/Roleplay Act will be repealed. Its provisions will be replaced by those of this act.

The following will be done to enhance roleplay in the INU:

--A new government office, the Roleplay Commission, will be established immediately following the passage of this act.

--The Roleplay Commission will consist of two officials. After the Supreme Council has selected its executive during elections, the Supreme Council Executive will post on the RMB to request volunteers for the Roleplay Commission. Of the volunteers, the Supreme Council will appoint two people to the Commission. Those serving on the Commission can hold another office at the same time.

--The Roleplay Commission will be the authority over organizing region-wide roleplay events. At least once every month, the Roleplay Commission will plan one such event. The Commission will be fully in charge of determining the situation, location, etc. of the roleplay event. Nations used in the situation must be telegrammed by the Commission for their consent; if the nation refuses to be used or does not reply, the Commission is not permitted to use that nation in the situation for the setting of the event.

--The Commission must determine the starting date of the roleplay event at least 1 week before it is to begin. Once the date is planned, one member of the Commission must post on the RMB to announce when the event will occur.

--To launch a roleplay event, one member of the Commission must post a new topic in the Roleplay section of the forum. The introduction post of the topic must describe all necessary details of the setting, such as where the roleplay event is happening, what is occurring, who is involved, etc.

--Every nation in the region will be allowed to participate in the roleplay events.

--During a roleplay event, the Commission will be in charge of moderation. The Commission will have authority to report posts that display "godmodding" (using unfair/unrealistic advantages), and can remove a nation from the roleplay if he/she continuously breaks rules.


The following procedures will be taken to enforce the provisions of this act:

--If the Roleplay Commission does not create a roleplay event during any given month starting in June 2014, its members will be held for inactivity by the Supreme Council.

--Upon passage of this act, the Supreme Council will immediately conduct the appointment of the first Roleplay Commission.

--Once the first Roleplay Commission is appointed, its nations will be given administrative authority over the Roleplay section of the regional forum.

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I vote for.

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I vote for

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I vote for

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